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Welcome to the beginning~

Hi everyone! Here I am, beginning of August with a fancy ass website to share with you. With this blog, I hope to share with you snippets of WIP, short drabbles featuring characters you know and love and even book recs. Today, we went for a small walk along my local river and I knew I was surrounded by the people and characters of Granite. I could see the river horses frolicking and the watersprites hiding in the reeds and wildflowers as the birds flew and bombed the river, looking for delicious bugs to snack on. In bookish news: I've begun ordering swag for Gay Rom Lit ( It's coming up super fast now and I am so nervous. Come say hi if you're there as well. We can be awkward together. WIP: Vampires adore Healers (still working on the title) is 4k along the second draft.

Star Fall is slowly coming along

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