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Toshi Drake

monsters in love

Foxes Love Sorcerers

Foxes Love Sorcerers

Can a sorcerer apprentice learn to control his magic before the elder demon destroys his home?

Fledgling sorcerer Isaac and his friends accidentally create a spell that sets a cryptid town on top of theirs. With no one hurt in the aftermath, they put the night of the Red Storm behind them and opened their arms to the new residents, shifters monsters and everything in between. Caspian, a sweetly sexy fox shifter has turned his considerable affections and attention toward Isaac, making him smitten in return.

Unfortunately, not everyone is welcoming and not everyone is kind. A corrupt mayor and his cronies want to use Isaac for his unique and powerful magic.

With the help of Caspian, his foxy boyfriend, and his mentor, Darius, Isaac discovers that magic can be fun and helpful in the battle to save his town from the grasping hands of an elder demon hellbent on taking over.

Monsters In Love is a small-town series where monsters, humans and others find love and community. This book includes a sweet cinnamon roll fox and his shy sorcerer, found family and small town charm. There is a cliffhanger for the overall story arc but our heroes, Caspian and Isaac are together.

Wraiths Adore Gods


Trey Wise and Adam Smith have been through a lot since Hastur, the King in Yellow, tried to take over their small town.
One of their best friends is trapped as fox half the day and their mentor is forever sleeping. The only way they can communicate with Darius is through dreams.

But not all is going well, a new enemy is in town and he has his eyes set on Trey. Adam, on the other hand, discovers he is capable of magic, like Isaac. This is different, richer, and more uncontrollable. Adam is terrified of the new gift. He isn’t worthy of such power.

With a boyfriend who’s been changed, powers that are completely overwhelming and an enemy bound and determined wreak havoc on his home. Adam has to learn that magic will always be there to help him, if he lets it.

This book is the second in the Monsters In Love series and features best friends to lovers, found family, and a crazy mayor hellbent on ruining the fair town of Granite.

Foxes Love Sorcerers
Wraiths Adore Gods
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