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Toshi Drake

Must be aliens!



With time running out, can Tobias and Malik find a way to be together forever or are they destined for a lonely Christmas?

Finding an alien cyborg in the town park wasn’t something Tobias Prince figured on. He was only taking a breather from family drama when he discovered the spaceship hiding. He hadn’t counted on the giant robot following him home either. 

But when Malik Io took off his powersuit and revealed the person inside, Tobias was smitten. 

Malik Io crash landed on a planet distant from his own. His only hope at survival is reliant on the kindness of strangers. When he meets a young man tired and exhausted, he is struck by Tobias’s reluctant kindness. He knows that anything more than friendship is dangerous, considering that remaining on Earth is dangerous to his health, but Malik can’t help falling for Tobias. 

With Christmas on its way, Malik and Tobias succumb to the nature of Christmas, bonding over Christmas baking, celebrating the town’s Light Up night and decorating a tree with friends and fall in love, despite knowing their time is limited.

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