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Toshi Drake

elements of dragons

Lightning Dragon Strikes Out

Lightning Dragon Strikes Out is an MM novel featuring two stubborn fools, one a dragon, second chances, cosplay and tender loving care!

Nick is a human who’s fed up with his dragon companion, Phin. He’s tired of being an afterthought. With the help of a friend, he leaves his life behind, hoping for a chance at happiness, at being first, even if it means being without his dragon.

Phin is a Lightning Dragon. His greatest treasure is a man who has inexplicably turned hostile. Chasing Nick to the human realm, Phin discovers the joy of being one’s true self. With this knowledge, he finds the love he never knew he had.

In this humorous tale of costumes, outdoor naughty times, claimings gone awry, watch as two men find out what it means to be both treasures and mates.

This novel features friends to lovers, second chances and snarky best friends.
There are situations of an adult nature; you must be 18+ to read.

fire dragon blazes through

Fire Dragon Blazes Through

Fire dragon shifter Reno only wanted to prove a point, but the spell he accidentally cast bound his reluctant treasure to him, and Blue’s hasty retaliation changed Reno… quite literally.

While Reno finds solace in his tower and the meticulous nature of his research as a master magic user, he is unable to undo his long-ago spell and struggles with guilt—especially when a prickly Blue drops in for his unannounced visits. But something is terribly wrong; Reno is losing his dragon scales—a life-threatening condition. Is it the stress of trying to help so many others… or is something more sinister happening in his own home? When Blue turns up, willing to put aside his animosity to help, Reno must find the courage to move past his fears and give this spark a chance.

With the sweet burst of heat between them, Reno is about to discover Blue is much more than treasure… he is Reno’s mate.

sky dragon lights up

Sky Dragon Lights Up

When former dragon grandmaster Adelphos handed over the mantle of authority to a new generation, he didn’t anticipate the effects of boredom. So the shiny tablet device from the human realm is a delight… and so is the human he encounters online.

Jake is lonely and relishes chatting with the mysterious person he’s met through a video game. Their oddly intense connection encourages him to pursue his curious attraction. But strange dreams from a distant time and a gut-wrenching event reveal there is more for Jake beyond the human world… and his human form.

Sometimes fate gives a second chance at first love, and first love might be destined mates. But can Adelphos and Jake confront the past and forgive themselves for a mistake done a long time ago…

The third book of the Elements of Dragons book features second chances, fated mates, reincarnation, humans in another realm and found family. this book will make you laugh and swoon at the sweetness of it all.


Tags: cellphone games FTW, omg I killed him. Fated mates, dragons being dragons,who needs friends when you got family, Jake hearts Skydra, nicknames all over the place. One helluva first kiss. Can they do it again? Outdoor fun times, human dragon relations, will Adelphos ever forgive himself, geeky Easter eggs, isekai every day

Lighting Dragon Strikes Out
Fire Dragon Blazes Through
Sky Dragon Lights Up
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