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Teasers and New things!

HI friends. I just wanted to let you know that Wraiths Adore Gods (aka Bakers Fancy Druids) is now with my alpha reader. I have let her know that chapters are merely concepts and need no really numbers. Buts are to eliminated as much as possible. I tried to do it myself but … I got tired. :D Wraiths is the second book of the Monsters in Love series and focuses on Trey and Adam. This book really veered away from my set plan and it ended up completely different. Which is okay, I guess.

Adam ends up being a god of sorts and Trey is like a vampire wraith or something. He’s not a true vampire but he does need otherworldly sustenance. My newest WIP for at home is the next book in the StarStation series. We are featuring the dear darling Damon and his adventures on a planet. I’ve been working on his story in my head for a while and I’m pretty excited about it.

I don’t know what my night story will be . But I’m hoping for something fantasy ish. I need to deep dive into writers prompts and see what attracts my attention. I also have an idea for a blog serial if that’s your jam. I got really annoyed with supply chain issues and this idea popped up.

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