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Entity available wide

Hey everyone! I just thought I'd update you all. I decided to put all the StarStation books wide after they've been in KU for 6 months. This way, people can borrow through Kindle and afterwards be at all retailers, including libraries. Most of you might not know that my day job is as a public librarian. Access to all books is part of my being and being exclusive to Amazon hurts my public service heart. In Canada, you cannot use your kindle device to borrow books from your public library. Amazon refused to work with Canadian libraries to provide access. So, this is my way of serving everyone. Sure, it might not be the best but. we'll see. thank you for being part of my journey! In other news, I finished my reader magnet and Bakers (aka Wraiths Adore Gods). They are being prepped to go to their word doctor this weekend.

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